Josh Needleman

(415) 519-7048 | | Guitar (Acoustic) & Bass

Josh Needleman is the guitarist/vocalist for the popular local acoustic group
The Pine Needles. Josh is known for his patience and excellent playing abilities on acoustic guitar.

Check out Josh's playing at:
I offer flatpicking acoustic guitar lessons customized to your learning style.
Beginning to advanced players of all ages welcome.

I can teach you:

- Your favorite songs (folk, bluegrass, jazz, gypsy jazz, blues, acoustic rock)
- How to play solid rhythm from chord symbols
- How to pick the melodies to tunes
- How to play many different chords & their uses
- How to solo over chords
- Fast flatpicking technique and tone production
- Singing while playing

I have a solid, fun, and effective program to move you forward on acoustic guitar!

Josh Needleman - Flatpicking Acoustic Guitar Instructor
(415) 519-7048

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