Teal Collins

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Teal has recorded 5 albums with her original band The Mother Truckers, and has toured the US and Europe extensively for the last 15 years with The Mother Truckers and also The Whiskey Sisters. She has taught voice for 6 years. Teal has recorded sessions for Grammy award winning producers Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston) and Stephen Bray (Madonna). Teal has also received Gold and Platinum albums for her work on Shanice (Motown records) and Third Eye Blind’s album “Blue”.

Teal’s method focuses on creating scale-based vocal exercises that are tailored to your range. After focusing on the technical aspect of singing, you will work on songs that you love, record them using your own voice to stack harmonies and learn about the recording process.

All levels welcome. Teal will provide great techniques that will help you sing the way you want to, strengthen your voice, raise your confidence, develop the range you already possess while bringing out the natural sound of your voice!

Whether you are a beginner and are looking for some tips on becoming comfortable with your voice, have studied with other teachers and still have unresolved issues with your voice, or if you are performing every night and need techniques to improve stamina / endurance, even if your voice is fine and you just want to develop your range, acquire better tone or control, this method will help you be the singer you know you can be!

“Develop GREAT habits that strengthen and inspire! It is fun and energizing to connect with your voice – it is your own unique sound and music feeds the spirit!”

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