Dirty Boy Wah Classic Red

Dirty Boy

Dirty Wah Red

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Dirty Boy Wah Classic Red
Need a Wah that isn’t the same ol’ wahs everyone else shows you? Bananas is Wah heaven! Look at this new arrival from amazing pedal builder and friend of Bananas Alex Saraceno (Blues Saraceno’s Dad). Alex realized the world didn’t need another wah copy it needed an amazing players wah. Hand wired point to point true hard bypass and only the best components available. Dirty Boy represents the pinacle of pedal quality. The Red Wah is a more modern sound and has a more aggressive bite. A little dirtier and brighter then the Green and a more accentuated vowel sound. Included is the ICAR pot for quick throw and Fasel Inductor and a frequency selector for Highs Mids or Lows.

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