Fender Hand Wired Twin Reverb II (Pre-Owned) (Jorge Santana Collection)



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1982 Fender Twin Reverb II Legendary "Rivera" Amp… Made In USA! In 1982 Fender set their sites on Mesa Boogie and hired Paul Rivera to design and oversee a new amp model. The Fender Twin II was that amp. Carlos Santana was obviously intrigued and bought one. Used intermittently (Carlos being very careful to not damage his relationship with Mesa Boogie) and eventually being given to his brother Jorge. This Twin Reverb II is special. Not a lot of these were built. It is Fender's take on a High Gain Amp. From The Web: In 1982 the Twin Reverb II was introduced to compete with Mesa Boogie's very successful products; it had an output rating of 105 watts and a return to Blackface era cosmetics albeit with a different, channel-switching cascading gain circuit with a more modern mid-range voicing and without the 'traditional' vibrato. The circuits for this series of 1982 Fender amplifiers were designed by amp guru Paul Rivera. Basically saying this amp will peel the paint off the walls, and make your ears bleed.... Everything functions and works fine. Original Speakers. No Mods. 2 Button Fender Footswitch Included (not original) Tone with Gain! Very cool amp along with the Rivera push/pull knobs for Volume and Mid. Rare and Collectable! Can be used as a Daily Player while still appreciating in value over time. 1982 was the last year of Hand Wiring! This is the "Real Deal" USA Fender Tube Amp with Rivera Designed Circuits along with point to point Hand Wiring!

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