Gretsch Catalina Jazz GLS Nat



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Gretsch Drums' Catalina Club 4-piece drum kit is a cool throwback. Featuring punchy mahogany shells and retro drum sizes and finish this classic kit gives you an open-sounding 14-deep bass drum that's perfect for just about any style of music. The rack and floor toms serve up period-correct vibe in a satisfyingly balanced blend with the kick and snare drum. These drums are finished in a gorgeous vintage-y finish for a crisp distinctive look that'll look stunning onstage. So if you're looking for value in a unique kit that looks sounds and plays great you've found it: Gretsch Drums' Catalina Club 4-piece!

  • Mahogany Shells provide an excellent low-end punch to sound.
  • Shallow bass drum depth heightens expressiveness and its you in control
  • Become a part of Gretsch's legacy in american music

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