Neunaber Chroma Stereo Chorus Pedal v2 Buffered Bypass


Chroma Stereo Chorus Pedal v2 Buffered Bypass

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Chroma Stereo Chorus is a micro-pitch shifting chorus that achieves a thick shimmering sound without the warbling of a traditional chorus effect. Some musicians use expensive rack gear to achieve this effect—Chroma Stereo Chorus simply puts this in an easy-to-use pedal.

Chroma Stereo Chorus ranges from extremely subtle to thick & liquid. Since no artificial modulation is imposed you can hear the subtle natural beat frequencies between the multiple voices.

If you prefer the modulation of a traditional chorus they have you covered. Simply use our free Pedal Customizer software to change the Chroma into a modulation chorus rivaling the best chorus pedals available.


Chroma Stereo Chorus can be used in multiple input/output configurations:
  • Mono in to mono out
  • Mono in to stereo out—the dry signal routes to both outputs and adds a different pitch-transposed signal to each output—unlike many choruses that route the dry signal to one output and the chorus output to the other.
  • Full stereo in to stereo out—the stereo dry signal input will be preserved.
  • Even stereo in to mono out! The inputs will be summed to a mono output.

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