ProCo FAT RAT Selectable Mosfet Clipping and Thick Boost Distortion Pedal



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Building off the popularity and foundation of the original RAT Pedals this new model is entirely built in the United States and features complete tonal flexibility through a choice of original or MOSFET clipping circuits. The MOSFET clipping section in the new pedal provides a subtle smoothing in the upper mids and a more amp-like tone throughout the range of the RAT without loss of the basic feel of the classic pedal. The new FAT RAT Pedal also features a bass enhancement that increases the bass response which is perfect for bassists and guitar players who tune down their instruments. The new pedal will now run on nine- to 18-volts of DC power for users looking for the best headroom and audio fidelity. Lastly the FAT RAT also includes a socketed op-amp which allows users to easily change between the stock OP07DP and other popular chips.