The ONE Smart Piano, White

The ONE Smart Piano


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The ONE Smart Piano White
The ONE Smart Piano offers the most fun and enriching way to learn piano without a teacher. Combining a full-sized piano with a dedicated app The One Smart Piano can teach anyone to start playing their first piece within their first lesson. LED lights guide you through any song As you’re playing any of the thousands of songs available in the App a set of LED lights along the top of the keyboard guide your left and right hands. You can pause and go as you practice or switch things up and play a game to see how many notes you hit correctly. Thousands of top hits to play for free.

Partnered with Alfred & Hal Leonard two the world's largest sheet music publishers. Songs in every genre so you can learn piano with the music you love. It’s easy to search for songs and save your favorites. Best of all the sheet music is free to access! Game mode: learn with fun piano tabs Challenge yourself to a game where you’ll try to hit all of the right notes using piano tabs. Touch and feel of a grand piano You’ll get the experience of playing a grand piano. When you're learning to play using The ONE Smart Piano you're using the best instrument possible. Professional hammer-action set of 88 keys with high key sensitivity. Enjoy the full range of sounds that a quality piano has to offer with all three pedals: soft pedal sostenuto and sustaining pedals.