Vox Valvetronix AD60VTX 60W 1X12 Guitar Combo Amp (Joe Satriani Private Collection)(Pre-Owned)



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The Vox AD60VTX combo amp was introduced at the 2003 Summer NAMM Music Trade Show in Nashville, TN. The AD60VTX replaced the AD60VT, an amp that had been first offered only two years earlier. The 2003 Vox product catalog dated "Summer 03" suggests that both the AD60VT and AD60VTX were initially offered concurrently.

The AD60VTX differed from the AD60VT in several ways. The most notable change was the replacement of the Celestion 7080 12" speaker from the AD60VT with the Celestion/Vox "Neo (or new) Dog."

The Celestion/Vox "Neo Dog" 12 inch speaker featured a neodymium magnet structure. The incredible magnetic properties of neodymium magnets mean that only a small amount of material is needed to produce the same flux as a much larger ceramic magnet structure. This offers a drastic savings in weight. The "Neo Dog" speaker weighs approximately one half of the weight of the Celestion 7080 it replaced without any loss of tone or power handling capacity.

The AD60VTX featured a plywood cabinet, the AD60VT had a medium density fiberboard cabinet.

The AD60VTX had an speaker impedance selector switch, the AD60VT did not. The impedance selector switch allowed the AD60VTX to operate at the full 60 watt power at four, eight or sixteen ohm speaker loads.

This amp had followed the basic proportions of the 1960's era Vox AC-15. Unlike the AC-15, the AD60VTX cabinet has a closed back. Vox Valvetronix AD60VTX 60W 1X12 Guitar Combo Amp (Joe Satriani Private Collection)(Pre-Owned).

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