Park Lane by JJ Guitars

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This instrument will be on display at our Boutique Guitar Showcase on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 at our San Rafael store. 

If interested in purchasing, please contact us. As these instruments are unique and one-of-a-kind, we need to confirm if it is still available at the time of your inquiry. 

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Description and Story on this One-of-A-Kind Instrument:
(provided by Boutique Guitar Showcase)
The whole story is very interesting and my wood suppliers obtained the work to import wood and provide for the Park Lane refit and also remove the old original materials etc. I was informed because I was looking to buy some Brazilian Mahogany. 
They explained that their job was a palatial refit in Park Lane London and that they could supply wood from the refit and also supply some from their newly imported wood etc. 
I asked more about the building but they were sworn to secrecy and they were not able to divulge any private personal client details. It was mentioned that Mohammed Al-Fayed had just sold his Park Lane property so this could be the building but I really cannot confirm that this is the case. I think Al-Fayed sold Harrods in London at the same time which was around 2010.
**Absolutely correct on all the points you have raised !! We do think it was the A-Fayed home as it was sold and refurbished at the time the wood became available. 
Whilst this detail we have discussed is not included on the guitars A5 size certificate in the case. I would be pleased to offer a buyer a separate letter detailing the information as discussed and referencing the guitars serial number. The wood is very beautiful too !!!**
I would have to check exactly when I purchased the wood but I’m sure it was 2010 as I had this stock prior to when I was exhibiting at the Montreal Guitar Show and this was the the first time I met with Jamie and yourself ? 
Basically, once purchased, I just kept the wood and built guitars from using my usual stock. The Park Lane wood was very special and I was just pleased to own it I suppose. It really is a shame that we could not obtain absolute specific details regarding the building but I can also understand the reasoning behind the privacy and confidentiality of the suppliers customer.
I only have enough of this wood for another 7 guitars and these are un sold at the moment. Actually, there was some waste due to the condition of some of the wood but the good thing is that it was used for structural reasons back in those days. For this reason, I managed obtain the dimensions that I needed for my guitars. 
The first Park Lane Guitar was sold a couple of years ago to Jeff McErlain who subsequently used it on his latest album entitled “Now” with Robben Ford. Jeff also is very involved with the educational business called TrueFire. Jeff said to me that his guitar inspired him to write a solo track on the album called “Marta” - Another Park Lane Guitar was supplied last January to a customer at NAMM and I am due to complete a Park Lane guitar for Jess Lewis who is a major talent. She did many of the tracks for Jam Tracks Central when she was younger. This one is in Sea Foam Green for a change !! and the Mountain Grey Guitar will soon be with you on the showcase. 
The buildings in Park Lane were built from around 1720 and apologies that more specific details cannot be provided.  
*Above are the words of Jeff Guilford, unaltered to convey the truest representation of his story.
BODY: Brazilian Mahogany
NECK: Brazilian Mahogany
BINDING: Cream Celluloid
NUT WIDTH: 1.69”

FRETBOARD: East Indian Rosewood
FRETS: 22 Dunlop
INLAY: Mother of Pearl (Jewelery Grade)
BRIDGE: Aluminium Schroeder

Be sure to join us at our event on Saturday, October 4th to see this instrument in person! 

For children 12yo+ and adults.

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 at Bananas at Large San Rafael     FREE


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