Stratishcaster by Dan Erlewine

Price: $ varies: see below

This instrument will be on display at our Boutique Guitar Showcase on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 at our San Rafael store. 

If interested in purchasing, please contact us. As these instruments are unique and one-of-a-kind, we need to confirm if it is still available at the time of your inquiry. 

See the Entire Collection Here (adding pieces as quickly as we can)
Description and Story on this One-of-A-Kind Instrument:
(provided by Boutique Guitar Showcase)
This is limited series of historic recreations, based on the now iconic guitar that Dan Erlewine made for Jerry Garcia in the 1970’s. 
 The guitar has been built to the exact specifications of the original guitar. 
We have the following available to sell. 
1 - The guitar enTour is a series prototype and shipped to the Jerry Garcia Foundation at the end of the tour. The following is a list of guitars that can be ordered and delivered to BGS customers as priority order within 6 months. 
6 - of a new batch of wood that is sonically matched using, testing exactly the same as the original Jerry Garcia Stratishcater, using Bryan Galloup’s patented Instrument Making SoftwareTM. It will not only look and feel like the original, it will sound like it too!  $18,000 
1 - Dan Erlewine kept wood from the same log that he used to build both Albert King’s V and Gerry Garcia’s Strat’ish guitars. There is enough to build a small quantity of re-creations. We have ONE available for the BGS Tour. $25,000 

Be sure to join us at our event on Saturday, October 4th to see this instrument in person! 

All instruments purchased will be delivered after the end of the BGS Tour in November. 

For children 12yo+ and adults.

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 at Bananas at Large San Rafael     FREE


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