Pedalboards 101


Pedalboards 101 with Dan Petruzzella - For people who are new to using guitar or bass pedals, with a focus on how to design the best pedalboard.

Dan Petruzzella has been on staff at Bananas for the past several years as a guitar specialist. He also performs regularly with the bands Foreverland and Metal Shop.



Picking the right pedals
- Driving your amp: Boost, OD, distortion - what’s the difference
- Modulation effects: Flanger, phaser, vibrato, Leslie simulator?
- Reverb and delay selection
- Order of your effects chain and how it affects the tone
- Buffered or true bypass pedals? What’s the difference?

Picking the right power supply
- Number of outputs needed
- Proper milliamps for effects being used
- Proper polarity for your pedals (Is the center - or + on your pedals?)

Picking the right cables
- Off the shelf patch cables
- Custom length cables
- Right angle or straight plugs

Picking the right pedalboard
- Flight case or gig bag?
- Advantages of being lightweight for travelling
- Custom look for pedalboards staying at home or in a studio

Bananas at Large San Rafael California Location
Time: 6:30PM - 7:30PM
Date: Thursday, August 6, 2015
Location: 1504 4th Street, San Rafael, CA

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