Supro Amps presents - Teddy Kumpel (01/10/2017)

Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (PST)
Location: Bananas At Large. 1504 4th St, San Rafael, California 94901

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Teddy Kumpel will be here presenting Supro amplifiers and their unique sound and tone. Join us for an evening of tone, specials, and you could win a Supro Tremolo pedal!! Check it out here: 

From authentic Chicago blues to all-out rock’n’roll, the Supro brand has distinguished itself as a sound for players who want to make their own mark on music, rather than merely chasing some tired standard that has gone before. Players who know Supro amps and understand what they can do have always appreciated them for their ability to help you sound like you. Supro has always presented a great alternative way to get your music made, and to get it noticed. For years, the only way to achieve that legendary Supro tone was to track down an original amp, get it running well, and hope it stayed that way. Not any more. Supro is back—and the lore, the legend, the tone, and the total attitude is back with it. Check out Supro’s growing lineup of American-made amplifiers that honor the original circuits, while presenting value and performance unparalleled in today’s market, and a tone that is truly all your own.

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