Ultimate Ears Models Compared

In the past, musicians had to rely on speakers in the studio and during live performances to hear themselves. However, speakers can get in the way and put other limitations on your performance. The answer to these problems is in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears.

Ultimate Ears has created a line of in-ear monitors specially designed for unique purposes. Whatever instrument you play or role you have, there's a pair of Ultimate Ears for you.

Below, we'll outline the different models and their best uses.

UE 11 Pro

The 11 Pro from Ultimate Ears is meant for bass players, drummers and DJs — these in-ear monitors emphasize low tones. With part of the monitors dedicated to a subwoofer, you'll get a punchy bass that will help you give an excellent performance in the studio and during live shows. Check out more of the UE 11 Pro's specs here.


These in-ear monitors are meant for live shows at big venues. If you play a lot of shows at festivals, arenas and stadiums, these monitors will keep you in tune and help you put on a fantastic show. The UE LIVE is Ultimate Ears' most powerful in-ear monitors. They will give you a full, rich sound that's incomparable with other types of monitors. Learn more about this model here.

UE 18+ Pro

The UE 18+ Pro is Ultimate Ears' third generation of this model. If your expectations are nothing short of perfection, this model is for you. You'll get those important, higher tones in a clear tone. Even with the emphasis on higher tones, the UE 18+ Pro separates the low, mid and high tones until the sound comes through to your eardrum. This gives you a clear, crisp sound to help you with anything you need to do. Check out more about this model here.

UE Reference

These in-ear monitors were designed to be used in the studio. If you're a music producer or recording engineer, you need a depth of auditory detail to make high-quality tracks and albums. These in-ear monitors have a great balance of both high and low tones. With the UE Reference, you're better equipped to do just that. Learn more about the UE Reference's specs here.

UE 7 Pro

The UE 7 Pro was designed with guitarists and singers in mind. These in-ear monitors will match your big, bold playing or singing style, letting you stay in tune and on time without limiting your movement. Learn more about what the UE 7 Pro can do here.

UE 6 Pro

Drums and other percussion instruments have a unique, punchy sound. The UE 6 Pro was made to highlight these tones flawlessly. It gives you a natural sound, so you can keep the rest of your band in time. Read up on the UE 6 Pro's capabilities here.

UE 5 Pro

If music is more of a hobby, but you still want something to help with your on-stage performances, the UE 5 Pro is for you. These in-ear monitors will give you a wide range of sounds, letting you give terrific performances every time. Learn more about them here.

Find the Right Ultimate Ears Monitors for You From Bananas at Large

When you shop with Bananas at Large, your new pair of Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors will be custom-fit and made just for you. We carry all of these Ultimate Ears monitors and are ready to help you find the perfect model that best fits your unique needs. Browse our selection today.

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