Amy Levine - Piano

Amy Levine - Piano

Genres: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Latin
Specialties: Ear Training, Improvisation and Harmony

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Amy Nicole Levine was born in San Francisco. From the age of 3, she was picking out tunes on the piano by ear. At age 7, she began her classical training. In her teens, she branched into Jazz, R&B and funk and started playing in the school jazz band and joined an original band. Upon graduating high school, she started playing in other original bands as well as cover bands, performing at various clubs in the Bay Area. She took some music classes at the college of Marin and soon after transfered to San Francisco Sate University where she studied music and sociology.

After college, she joined hip hop band 75 degrees who worked their way up to performing in Bay Area venues sharing the same bill with the Roots, Digital Underground, the Pharcyde, Common, and other well known artists. You can still catch them performing in the Bay Area.

Amynix returned to school at Los Medanos to study recording arts and proceeded to intern at several recording studios such as the Plant, Laughing Tiger, and Tarpan Studios, with Narada Michael Walden.

Amy Nicole, or more frequently named, “Amynix”, also has worked with and performed with other Bay Area artists namely Biambu, Pi, Regina Espinoza, Juan Escovedo, Dbass and the Meeting, and currently performs with party band, Notorious and other local artists.

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