Meet CW Bayer

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Genres: All Genres
Instrument: Guitar
Specialties: Ragtime Guitar, Fingerpicking for Adults only
Available Days: Tuesdays in Santa Rosa

When booking a lesson with CW, choose Santa Rosa location, then Guitar Lessons, then choose the options for the lesson length you would like. Then choose "Pick a Staff Member first". 

If you would like to chat with him before booking a lesson, he would be happy to talk to you! You can email him at .

Lesson Rates

30 min : $40
60 min : $70

Meet CW Bayer

CW Bayer has played ragtime guitar since the folk revival of the early 1960's, performing for decades in concerts, upscale saloons and coffee shpos of northern Nevada before moving to the Santa Rosa area. He teaches old school ragtime guitar. Variously called “ragtime guitar”, “folk three finger style”, “ thumb picking” and “Travis picking”, it is a syncopated solo American guitar developed around 1915, blossomed during the '20s and '30s and underwent a resurgence during the “folk revival”. Lively and fun, it is ideal for performing a vast body of American standards, country rags and jug band songs from the period 1895 through the present day. See for videos.  

Need help booking a lesson? Email or call us at (415) 457-7600 x 104 

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