Meet Joel Schwartz

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Genres: Rock, jazz, or funk
Instrument: Drums
Specialties: Students of all ages, young beginners & intermediate players
Available Days: Monday & Friday mornings in San Rafael

When booking a lesson with Joel, choose San Rafael, then Drum Lessons, then choose "30 min Lesson". Then choose "Pick a Staff Member first". 

Lesson Rates

30 min : $40


Meet Joel Schwartz

I have been a professional drummer and teacher for over fifty years. I specialize in teaching younger,  beginning and intermediate students.   I've developed my own system of teaching based on my experience as a professional player and teacher.  My students develop a concept of time with the ability to read and the awareness of what it takes to be a drummer within a group. 

I teach both matched and traditional grip along with their interests in either jazz, rock or funk styles of playing.

I provide my students with the tools to develop into the drummers they want to be.  I provide them with the materials from my library that are suited to the direction of their interests and their abilities as well as recommending other materials.

My professional experience includes performing in New York and Las Vegas as well as touring with a military band throughout Europe.  I'm a college graduate as well as a graduate of the Navy School of Music.

I've performed with Judy Garland, The Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in show, Barbara McNair, Johnny Desmond, Don Cornell, Johnny Hartman, and many others over the years. 

Need help booking a lesson? Email or call us at (415) 457-7600 x 104
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