Meet Mark Abdilla

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Genres: Rock, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, Country, Flamenco
Instrument: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Mandolin, and Bass 
Specialties: Electric Rock and Blues
Available Days: Mon. & Thursday in San Rafael, Fridays available for home lesson visits. 
Contact: (707) 332-3565 or 

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Lesson Rates

45 min : $55
60 min : $70

Mark charges an additional fee for home visit lessons. Home lessons must be 1 hour lesson minimum. Please contact Mark for more information on available schedule for home lessons. 

Meet Mark Abdilla

Guitar lessons with Mark are a fun activity for students of all ages and levels. Mark is an encouraging, energetic, and patient teacher. Mark teaches several days a week with students ranging from 6 to 80 years old. Lessons are 45 minutes or one hour per week.

For beginners, the focus is on strum patterns, rhythm, finger-picking, easy songs, how to read guitar tablature, and learning how to read music (Optional) using Hal Leonard Guitar method book one.

For the intermediate/advanced level the focus is on the interest and goals of the student. Mark encourages all students to bring songs of their favorite band/guitarist to the lessons as a way to learn while having FUN. Lessons are taught on electric, steel string acoustic, and nylon classical guitar. Mark also teaches Piano Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo.

Styles include Rock, Metal, Blues, Folk, Country, Celtic, Flamenco, Classical, Jazz, Brazilian, RnB and Funk.

Emphasis is on right/left hand technique Rhythm playing, chord voicing, scales, soloing and improvising, fingerpicking, composing your own songs, alternate tunings, blues licks and how to use a slide. Whether it is Hard Rock “shredding” or “fingerstyle” acoustic, Mark teaches it all. Mark says, ” I am amazed at the possibilities of the guitar. What other instrument can produce everything from the beauty of Bach to the rocking noises of Jimi Hendrix?”

I would be happy to hear what your goals are and answer any questions. Please call my cell (707) 332-3565, google voicemail (415) 967-2160 email and/or visit my acoustic guitar website

Teaching – Mark  teaches in store at Bananas at Large as well as at students houses.   Many students like this as they are afforded the comfort of their own home which makes for an enjoyable, convenient learning experience.  Having been playing guitar since the age of 13, he started teaching the  guitar at 18 years old.

While primarily teaching Electric guitar styles,  Mark has recorded 6 Cd’s of Classical, Spanish and Celtic guitar music available on, Itunes and Spotify. He teaches 5 days a week a diverse variety of ages, and personalities on acoustic and electric guitar. Part of Mark’s enduring success as a teacher is due to the fact that he actually likes teaching and his students enjoy coming to the lessons.

Performing/Touring – Although he is considered a brilliant and sought after Electric Guitarist performing locally with various Bay Area bands, Mark performs professionally all over Northern California primarily acoustic Flamenco/classical and Brazilian guitar music. 
 Mark is the is the top booked solo guitarist in the USA on the online booking agency and has toured Europe every August since 2000 and has been featured at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as the Riga (Latvia) festival performing Flamenco, Celtic and Classical styles. Other countries Mark has performed in include Spain, Mexico, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Belgium and Czech Republic.

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