Meet Tim Biedron

Tim Biedron, Sales Staff & Software Instructor at Bananas at Large San Rafael

Specialties: Studio & Recording Interfaces, DAW Software and studio equipment, troubleshooting, front of house engineering

Tim Biedron is an engineer and producer with 20 years experience working in recording and live show production.  He has worked with countless artist from the entire scope of the music industry. 
His background in recording and audio engineering led him from working in numerous commercial recording studios to engineering live sound in an extensive host of music venues all over the country. 

Tim has multiple certifications and accreditations from different companies including: Ableton, Apple (Logic X & GarageBand), Allen & Heath, Presonus, ProTools, Korg, Roland, Universal Audio and many others.

If you are just starting out with your own project studio, want to further your knowledge in recording and mixing or if you just want to get better at mixing your band live, Tim is here to help get you where you want to go.

Questions? Contact Tim: or (415) 457-7600
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