Bass Guitar Amplifiers

So you just bought a new electric bass? Or maybe your old amp isn't giving you the right tone. Either way, you're in the market for a new bass amp. You might have thought that finding the right bass was a process, but it's also key to getting the right amp. Finding the amplifier that best fits your playing style will help you get the best sound possible.

Picking the Right Bass Amp

There are a lot of things to take into consideration to find the right bass amp. Taking these factors into account will help you make the best decision:

  •  Combo vs. amp head: You can either buy an amp head by itself or get a combo amp. But keep in mind that if you go with the amp head, you'll need to get the cabinet separately. The amp head does not have a speaker. There's not a significant difference between the combo and separate head and cabinet — it comes down to your own preference.
  • Speaker size: The speaker size on your amp will affect the tone. Whether you have one big speaker or multiple smaller ones on your amp, your music will sound different between amps with differently sized speakers.
  • Channels: If you like having more than one channel to change between different settings, make sure you don't get a single-channel bass amp.
  • Power: Think about how you'll be using your amp. If you need a new one for practice, a lower-watt amp will work fine. But if you're going to be performing, you'll need a lot more power.

 Thinking about how you use your amp — how you like your tone to sound and other factors like your budget — will help make your decision a lot easier. If you know exactly what you want and need before you start shopping, you'll avoid wandering the music store and feeling overwhelmed with all of your options.

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