Any drummer would tell you that their cymbals are just as important as their drums in their kit. Finding the right set of cymbals adds a great sound to your music. How you choose to use your cymbals in your playing can help define you as a player — make how you use them part of your distinct playing style.

Since cymbals are so important to your kit, you need to make sure you find just the right set for your setup. This may not prove to be as simple as that — there are tons of brands out there that all make cymbals with different tones and effects.

We've put together some tips for helping you find the perfect cymbals for your setup.

Buying the Right Cymbals for Your Kit

Every drummer will develop a preference for the type of cymbals they use and how many they include in their typical setup. Figuring out your personal cymbal preferences is key in putting together your ideal kit. Cymbals may appear to be a simple instrument, but a skilled drummer can get a wide range of sounds and tones out of them.

Here are the different types of cymbals to include in your kit: 

  • Ride cymbals: As its name implies, the ride cymbal drives the beat of the music. Assuming the drummer is right-handed, it sits at the far right of the setup. These cymbals usually have a lower and more drawn-out crash.
  • Splash cymbals: Splash cymbals are the smallest cymbals you'll use in your setup. With their smaller size, they'll have a much higher tone compared to your other cymbals.
  • Hi-hat cymbals: Your hi-hat is made from two cymbals put together. It's usually used with the snare and bass drum. You control the sound of the hi-hat with a pedal, giving you the option of creating a short, closed-off tone or a longer one.
  • Crash cymbals: Some cymbals, like the ride cymbal, are meant to be used for a prolonged amount of time. The crash cymbal, when used more sparingly, will give a big accent to your playing.

Knowing the differences between the types of cymbals will help you decide what kinds of tones and effects you want to add to your playing. Don't be afraid of getting creative — make your mark by getting a style all your own.

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