Drum Accessories

Like any instrument, there are lots of ways for you to get even more out of your drum setup. Whether you play acoustic or electronic drums, there are accessories to make your setup more convenient and let you get even more creative. 

The Hardware You Need

As you add to your setup, you'll need the right hardware to go along with it. Did you get a new snare? Do you need to get new a stand, too? Is your bass pedal starting to wear out? Replacing it will help you get the best sound out of your bass drum and may be more enjoyable to play.

When you have high-quality equipment, you need the right hardware to go with it. Here's some of the hardware you'll need to get the most out of your drum setup:

  •  Snare stands
  • Cymbal stands
  • Bass drum pedals
  • Hi-hat stand
  • Drum throne

 When you have the right hardware to back you up, you can get crazy, get creative or play in whatever style you choose. It's important to get the right hardware that you can rely on. If you find yourself with lower-quality hardware, it may be time for an upgrade.

The Accessories to Keep Everything Together

If you're a drummer, you have a lot of equipment to worry about. Look at acoustic guitar players as an example — they have their guitars and possibly a few accessories to keep track of, but you have even more. There's your snare drum, bass drum, tom-toms, floor-tom, cymbals, and all the hardware for those pieces. And that's just the most basic setup.

Pick up any of these accessories to help keep yourself organized and maintain your kit: 

  • Drum tuner
  • Stick bag
  • Cymbal felt
  • Washers
  • Cases or bags

 Add Unique Effects to Your Playing

Someone who doesn't really understand the drums may believe that this instrument doesn't have a big range. But they're wrong. Drummers can get hugely creative with their music, creating a unique sound that is completely their own.

Most drummers follow a basic setup: snare, toms, bass drum, hi-hat and cymbals. But every drummer also has the option of customizing their setup to get the sound they want.

Add different cymbals to your setup to make your drum solos even more in-your-face and really wow your audience. Get a clamp or separate stand to add rototoms, octobans, chimes or a table for your percussion elements. There are tons of instruments out there that fall into the "percussion" category. Incorporating different instruments into your playing will give you an awesome sound.

And this is just for an acoustic drum set. If you have an electronic kit, you could get a sample pad or other electronic accessories to play around with your sound.

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