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Bananas at Large buys and sells Pre-Owned gear!

If you have something you are interested in selling, please fill out the form on this page or email a description and photos to

Used Bass Guitars

The bass guitar usually doesn't get the credit it deserves. The bass accompanies the other instruments that are much more recognizable, like lead guitar and drums. However, the bass is just as important. Its lower tones complement the higher tones of the guitar to give your track a balanced sound. If you could hear some of your favorite songs without the bass, it'd sound pretty weird.

Besides being an important part of almost all music, the bass is a fun instrument to play. You can't help but bob your head along to its mellow tones while you're playing one.

Whatever your skill level is, there's a great bass guitar out there for you. If you're shopping for a new bass, it doesn't have to be brand-new — it can be new to you. While you're searching, consider buying a pre-owned bass.

Shop Pre-Owned Bass Guitars in the San Francisco Area

If you already own an instrument, you've probably come to love it even more the longer you've owned it. 

There are definitely some perks to shopping for pre-owned instruments. The most common reason is probably the cost. When you're making a big purchase, instruments included, it can feel really good to buy under your budget. When you spend less than you were originally planning, you can use the extra money for other accessories and equipment for your new bass. Pick up an extra set of strings, grab a case or put it toward an amp.

Another bonus of buying a pre-owned instrument is that older guitars and basses sometimes sound better than brand-new ones. This is actually because as your instrument ages the wood in the body becomes lighter, giving it a more resonant sound. When the wood of the body is heavy, the vibrations of sound get stuck. When you buy a used bass, you don't have to wait to break it in. Immediately, you'll get that amazing, deep sound you can only get from an instrument that's already been lovingly played for a while.

 You may also find hidden treasure while you're looking through used options like a unique instrument that's no longer in production. Finding a hidden gem will make you all the more happy with your bass.

Why Shop With Bananas at Large

At Bananas at Large, we love music just as much as you do. We try to create a community feeling like music stores from the past, giving local musicians a place to connect with each other and get great advice from a knowledgeable staff. Along with building community, we evolve as the music industry changes. We keep up with the latest industry trends and news, so we can help keep you up-to-date too.

Since 1974 Bananas At Large has specialized in equipment that is used in the production of music, audio and video. From From Acoustic & Electric Basses to Bass Pedals and amps, we offer solutions for whatever you're looking for. Over the years, we've gotten the experience to solve any concern or problem. We know that every customer is different, and we work with everyone who walks through our doors to help them find exactly what they want and need.

Browse our inventory of used bass guitars and other products from anywhere when you shop online or stop into one of our two convenient locations in the Bay Area — Santa Rosa or San Rafael. Get in touch with us today!