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Yamaha Drums

Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits

Yamaha has a longstanding reputation for quality electronic and acoustic drums. The company's electronic models offer a responsive feel and limitless sonic possibilities — all while making it easy to rehearse and record in apartments and other places where using a full kit isn't a possibility.

If you've been considering buying an electronic kit, either for practice or to complement your existing setup, come down to one of the two Bananas at Large® Bay Area locations and try a Yamaha kit for yourself. We're convinced you'll be impressed by their realistic feel and sound, superior build quality and rich feature set.

Why Buy an Electronic Drum Kit?

Electronic drum kits offer several advantages for today's musicians. They're lightweight and portable as well as extremely versatile — with them, switching between snare and kick sounds, adding effects and triggering samples is as easy as pressing a button. They're also great for keeping your chops up when you can't get to an acoustic kit. Many models even feature built-in jamming and practicing tools.

Electronic kits are becoming an increasingly vital tool for home producers. Acoustic drums are notoriously tricky to record outside of a professional studio. With an electronic kit, you can lay down beats direct to MIDI and tweak your sound afterward, giving you a pro-quality performance without the overly quantized stiffness of a drum machine.

Read on to learn more about some of the Yamaha electronic drums for sale at Bananas.

The DTX Series

The DTX series contains several of Yamaha's most popular electronic drum kits. All DTX drums feature:

  • Full-size pads and a steel racking system for extra durability — designed to stand up to even the heaviest hitters
  • A wide range of high-quality sounds, from realistic acoustic kits to processed modern rock snares and electronic samples — all fully customizable to match any style
  • Interactive training features, including the "Voice Guidance" system — a great way to tighten up your playing and expand your skill set
  • Aux input for jamming along with your favorite songs and full MIDI compatibility for tracking your own beats in the DAW of your choice

Bananas carries complete kits and select accessories in the DTX product lineup. Learn more about available products on our site, or contact one of our representatives for assistance.

Yamaha Drum Triggers

If you love the feel of your acoustic kit but are looking for an easier way to capture and workshop ideas, a Yamaha drum trigger is an excellent alternative to buying a fully electronic system. The Yamaha EAD10 is an easy-to-use module that attaches to your kit, effectively turning it into a hybrid electronic/acoustic system. With it, you can trigger high-quality sampled sounds, add onboard effects, play along to MIDI metronomes, record to your DAW and much more.

An essential addition to any working drummer's toolkit, the EAD10 expands the possibilities of acoustic drums without sacrificing what you love about your kit. Use it for home practice, recording, rehearsal and live performance — check out the EAD10 on our website for more information about this powerful, versatile unit.

Buy Yamaha drums from the Bananas curated selection for the most high-quality, low-cost options now, or give us a call for answers to any of your questions.