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Yamaha's history of electric guitar manufacturing dates back more than 50 years. Since then, the instrument has evolved considerably. But as trends change and new innovations take the place of what was once cutting-edge, the need for quality remains a constant.

Yamaha has always been a pioneer when it comes to offering great instruments at great prices. The company's current lineup of electric guitars is no exception. See for yourself by stopping by a Bananas at Large® location to try out a new Yamaha electric guitar from our inventory, or shop online.

Electric Guitar Model Overview

Yamaha manufactures guitars for all musicians — from beginner to expert — and all genres, from metal to jazz. The long-running Pacifica series is an entry-level favorite, with a variety of pickup configurations and models as well as a level of quality that belies its accessible price point. The pro-level SBG and Hollow series both have deep historical roots while remaining current with contemporary trends and technology.

Perched in between these two extremes is the new REVSTAR guitar line. REVSTAR guitars find their inspiration in an unusual place — the biker culture of 1960s London — and translate it into an instrument that looks great and is extremely playable. REVSTAR models range from the no-nonsense, stripped down RS320 to the top-of-the-line, made-in-Japan RSP20CR. All feature premium craftsmanship, versatile electronics and a wide range of extras not commonly found on other models in this price range.

Why Choose Yamaha?

Yamaha is one of the best-known names in the music industry, but when it comes to electric guitars, it's often overshadowed by more iconic manufacturers like Fender, Gibson and Rickenbacker. Here are a few reasons to consider a Yamaha when you're looking to add to your collection:

  • Yamaha electric guitars stand out from the crowd: With their distinctive styling, models like the REVSTAR RS720B are unlike anything else onstage or in the studio. Express your personality with a guitar that's as unique as you are!
  • Yamaha guitars have tone and playability for days: Compare a Yamaha electric to any of the better-known models on the market today and see what discerning players have known for years. The company works closely with artists, students and instructors at all levels to craft instruments based on the unique needs of today's players.
  • Yamaha electric guitar models offer industry-leading value: Dollar for dollar, solid body Yamaha electric guitars are one of the best values on the market today. When you buy Yamaha, you're not paying more for a name — you're getting an instrument that's tuned and tested to deliver the best performance for the least amount of money.

There's no better place to try out and buy a Yamaha electric guitar than at one of our two locations. Visit us in Santa Rosa or San Rafael to see our current curated selection of new and used products. Our team of knowledgeable sales professionals would be happy to recommend something you'll love for years to come.