Brett Fenex

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Hello, I am Brett Fenex and I have been in love with the guitar for thirty years! In that time I have studied classical, jazz, rock, folk, pop, funk and blues (not necessarily in that order). I am Musical Director for Alchemia, a non-profit organization serving the developmentally different community in the creative and performing arts.

I currently perform with the West County Jazz collective as well as “strange daisies”, an original folk/rock band and as a solo artist. I recently won Song of the Year from the West Coast Songwriter's Association for my song “New Year Blues”.

In my ten year tenure at Bananas At Large I have nurtured a love of the instrument and music in many students who have become accomplished musicians in their own right. My curriculum consists of classical coordination exercises and sight reading in addition to improvisation and theory. Dull as this may sound, I make every effort to keep it FUN! I also devote a portion of the lesson to include whatever the student would like to work on, be it popular songs, soloing, improvisation or composition.

Most of all I seek to inspire a love of music in general and guitar in particular, to create an outlet for a lifetime of enjoyment and creative self expression.

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(707) 479-2556

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