In-Ear Monitors for Bands

In-Ear Monitors For Bands In Santa Rosa And San RafaelWhether your band is recording a new album in the studio or performing live, every member needs to hear what's going on. In the past, the only way to make that happen was with stage monitoring. With stage monitoring, you needed to set up extra speakers throughout the stage or studio so every member of the band could hear what is being played at any moment.

Stage monitoring has a lot of drawbacks. It can clutter the space you're playing in and cause a lot of damage to your hearing. So what's a solution? In-ear monitors. Bananas at Large offers these devices from Ultimate Ears, a trusted name in the industry.

These conveniently small earpieces don't restrict your movements or blast out your eardrums when levels are too high. You can hear everything that's going on, all the time. This helps your band stay in rhythm, Tstart their parts on time and more.

The scenarios when using in-ear monitors is most helpful for your band: in the studio and on the stage.

In the Studio

When you're in the studio, you need to make the most of your time. After all, you're paying for your time, so you want every member performing the best they can. You can make some fixes later on, but giving the editors great recordings to start out with will save them time, save you money and likely lead to better-sounding tracks.

Hearing everything that's going on while you're recording will help keep everyone together. If every member has an in-ear monitor, the entire group will feel more in sync. No one will be distracted while trying to hear what's going on or from ambient noise.

With the help of your band's in-ear monitors, you can put down higher-quality recordings a lot faster. Sometimes, a band needs a bunch of tries to get something right. In-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears at Bananas at Large will help you get the recording done right on a much earlier take.

The sooner you get your recording done, the sooner you can get your album out to your fans.

On the Stage

Once you start using in-ear monitors while playing live shows, you won't be able to imagine how you got by without them before.

If you've ever played or been to a live show, you know a lot is going on besides your music. While you're in the studio or on the stage, the ambient noise can be a huge distraction. Your in-ear monitors will allow you to hear what's important — your music,

When you use in-ear monitors on tour or at your local shows, it helps tone down those extra auditory distractions. The monitors will give you the right level — not too loud or too quiet  of what's being played. You don't need to rely on hearing your music out of a speaker on the stage.

The most important part of the monitors is that it will keep everyone together. When you use speakers, every member is hearing things at different times because of the sound bouncing around and reaching everyone's ears at slightly different moments.

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