In-Ear Monitors for Drummers

In-Ear Monitors For Drummers In Santa Rosa And San RafaelAs a drummer, you have an incredibly important role in your band: setting the tempo and rhythm of every song. Even leaving the drums out during a particular part of a track creates a different emotion. To sum up, drums matter — a lot.

With such a key role, you want to be playing your best. In-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears will amp up your playing, wherever you are. Whether you'll be going on tour, recording a new album or just going through a regular rehearsal, Bananas at Large will help you find the perfect set of Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors.

Ultimate Ears has many different options to fit any and every need. The Ultimate Ears 11 Pro is designed for lower tones, making it a drummer's best friend.

Your in-ear monitors let you hear yourself and your bandmates at an even level over all the other sounds that are going on. With the echoes of your drums and cymbals, that's a big help. While you're in the studio or on the stage, the ambient noise can be a huge distraction. Your in-ear monitors will allow you to hear what's important — your music.

Use Ultimate Ears in the Studio

Every minute that you're in the studio matters because you're paying for your time. So, you want to make the most out of every moment. Your Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors will let you get your best sound for your recording session. Whether you're recording a new single or an entire album, you'll feel confident that the result will be fantastic.

The monitors will help you keep the beat, so everyone else stays in time, too. When just one person isn't in synced with everyone else, it can mess up the entire recording. Since you want your recording to be as strong as possible, you'll probably re-record, which just eats away at your time.

In-ear monitors will help you create better recordings in less time.

Use Ultimate Ears for Live Performances

When you're in the studio, you don't have a lot of extra sounds to compete with. But, when you're playing a live gig, a lot more is going on. If you're playing indoors, the sound will bounce around off of every surface. The crowd is going crazy, yelling and dancing, and perhaps you have some visual effects going on a screen — not to mention the sound coming from every other member of your band.

By itself, your drums are the loudest instrument in the band. So, you probably have the most additional sounds to get through. When you're using in-ear monitors, you don't need to try to sort through all the sounds coming through. You'll hear your band's sound clearly, crisply and at the perfect volume.

The in-ear monitors also save you from needing to put speakers on the stage to help everyone hear what they're playing. That gives the band more room on the stage to perform and give the crowd a great show.

Bananas at Large is your go-to source for in-ear monitors for drummers. Browse our selection today.

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