In-Ear Monitors for Live Performance

In-Ear Monitors For Live Performance In Santa Rosa And San RafaelIf you're a professional musician, your live gigs are a great way to get your music out there and make good money. Even if you play music mainly as a hobby, booking a live show every now and then is a fun way to spice up your routine.

If you play a lot of live shows, you have to put a lot of consideration into your sound — and we don't mean how well you're playing. You need to decide how to set up, so your audience hears the best-quality sound possible. When your audience hears you well, it will help you put on a more exciting show. When you can hear yourself, too, you're even one step closer to having a great gig.

In the past, your only option was to set up extra speakers so you and your bandmates could hear what you're playing. That's not your only option anymore. In-ear monitors will function the same but offer even more benefits. Bananas at Large has a selection of Ultimate Ear in-ear monitors for every musicians' needs during a live performance. The best part is the scan, which is $150 value, is FREE with your Ultimate Ear Purchase!

Ambient Noise Fades Away

When you're at a show, no matter the size or location, a lot more is going on aside from your music. If you're in a band, you have your bandmates' parts playing, the audience is getting into the music by dancing, singing and shouting and all those sounds are bouncing around the venue. If you were relying on speakers to hear yourself playing, they're just one more thing that's fighting to be heard.

All of these noises can be a massive distraction to you and your band. It may even cause you to get off your game. You want to give your audience your best performance, right?

Using in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears, all of that ambient noise disappears. You have exactly what you need to hear — your music — right in your ear.

Give Your Audience Your All

Another setback to using speakers instead of in-ear monitors to hear yourself play is that they take up valuable space on the stage. You also have to stay close enough to them so you can hear yourself properly.

If you want to move around while you're performing, you may not be able to. You may be limited either by having less space to move in general or not being able to go far so you can still hear the speaker.

When you use in-ear monitors, you can get around all of those problems. Without big, space-eating speakers, you have more room on the stage to set up other visual effects. You can also move around more, letting yourself groove to the music and engage with the audience to pump them up.

Once you start using in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears, you won't understand how you got by without them before. Being able to hear exactly what you're playing during your live performances is invaluable. Check out all the in-ear monitors that will help take your live performances to another level.