In-Ear Monitors for Musicians

In-Ear Monitors For Musicians In Santa Rosa And San RafaelNo matter what instrument you play, there's a pair of in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears for you. And no matter how you use them — whether you're in the studio recording or on the stage performing — you'll see a difference.

Ultimate Ears has a wide selection of in-ear monitors explicitly designed for different purposes and instruments. We offer several Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors at Bananas at Large, and every set is custom-made. Even if you have a set of in-ear monitors you enjoy, were they made especially for your ears?

With 3D imaging technology, you don't have to suffer through the uncomfortable goop mold process of other custom wearable equipment. The process is quick and hassle-free, and you can't beat the result. The best part is the scan, which is $150 value, is FREE with your Ultimate Ear Purchase!

In the past, musicians had to rely on speakers to hear themselves play in different scenarios. But, these speakers take up space and put other limitations on you as a musician. With your custom in-ear monitors, you avoid those issue completely.

Monitors for Every Musician

What makes Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors unique is that you can get a model specifically for your instrument or purpose. For example, music producers looking for something to lay down the best recordings and make killer albums should check out the UE Reference. Whatever instrument you play or how you engage with music, there's a set of Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors for you.

The levels of customization are unbeatable. Once you have selected the right model for your own unique needs, you can order a pair made just for you. Once you begin using them, you'll see a difference. You'll be amazed at how you got by without them before.

Monitors for Singers and Guitarists

As a guitarist or vocalist, you need something that can pick up the wide range of your instrument. The UE 7 Pro is just the thing. This model was made specifically for the unique needs of singers and guitar players.

Your monitors will relay precisely how you sound, in real time. The crispness, clarity and overall quality of your in-ear monitors is almost unbelievable. That's not even the best part — that sound is coming right to your ear, at just the right volume. You'll always be in control and know just what's going on, allowing you to adjust your sound continuously as needed. Whether you're recording or performing live, your in-ear monitors will give you an edge over other performers.

Monitors for Bassists, Drummers and DJs

If you play drums or bass or are a DJ, your music has a much bigger emphasis on low tones. Guitar and vocals can go that low, but only to a degree. Drums and bass add the crucial low tones to music.

With their importance to music and specific needs, you should look for a set of in-ear monitors to cater to those requirements. The UE 11 Pro is the perfect pair of in-ear monitors for bass players, drummers and DJs. With the capability to pick up those low tones, you can perform and record with higher quality equipment to relay how you sound.

Bananas at Large is the best source for all your music equipment needs, including in-ear monitors. Browse our selection from Ultimate Ears today.