In-Ear Monitors for Singers

In-Ear Monitors For Singers In Santa Rosa And San RafaelAs a singer, whether you're in the studio or playing a live show, you need to be able to hear what you sound like. And, chances are, there are some other noises that could end up being a huge distraction.

In-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears will keep out that extra noise and help you sound your best, no matter the situation you're in. At Bananas at Large, we have a wide selection of in-ear monitors designed specifically for certain instruments and purposes. As a vocalist, you have unique needs compared to other musicians. And, there's a pair of Ultimate Ears for you — the UE 7 Pro. However you plan on using them, these in-ear monitors will help you sound amazing in any situation.

Once you start using Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors, you'll be amazed at how you got by without them before. The best part is the scan, which is $150 value, is FREE with your Ultimate Ear Purchase!

Monitors to Record

When you're in the studio, you need to get the most out of it. Studio time can be pricey, depending on what your needs are. So, you want to make sure you're giving it your best.

With in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears, you can get hear exactly how you sound at all times. It helps drown out other noises and distractions while you're recording, letting you get lost in the music and give it everything you have.

When you're not doing your best, you may have to redo sections or entire songs. This extra time can put you behind schedule, making you settle for a less-than-your-best recording or to spend extra time —and money. Either way, that's not what you want to do.

Using in-ear monitors will help you give a better recording. The crisp, clear sound will help you make any adjustments to improve your performance in the studio.

If you also mix and master your tracks and albums, you can still use your in-ear monitors. When the recording is right in your ear — without blowing your eardrums out — you can make all the edits you need to get it sounding amazing.

Monitors to Perform

When you're on stage, there's way more going on than if you were in the studio. You have the cheering crowd, visual effects and more.

Traditionally, musicians used speakers on stage so they could hear themselves during their performances. However, these speakers take up valuable space on the stage and limit your movements. As a singer, you want that space on the stage! Unlike other musicians, you're not limited in your movements because you aren't carrying an instrument. In fact, you probably have choreography to your show. When you have to make sure you're staying near a speaker to hear yourself sing, this is more difficult.

In-ear monitors allow you to move as freely as you'd like with more open space on the stage. Plus, being able to hear yourself over everything else playing keeps you in time and sounding your best. That way, you can give your audience an amazing performance they won't forget.

Bananas at Large is the best source for music equipment, including in-ear monitors for singers. Browse our selection today.