Protection Plans

Expect more from your product protection

Bananas has teamed up with Extend to offer product protection. Extend is reinventing the extended warranty and product protection experience by putting you at the center of their solution. They build their protection plans to give you a modern, easy-to-use experience so that you can rest easy knowing your favorite products are safe whenever life happens.

The rundown

Product replacement
If your product stops working, Extend will replace it for free!

Accidental damage
Protection for your product from unintentional breaks, drops, and spills.

Peace of mind
Use your product freely and without worry. Extend has you covered.

Malfunction protection
When regular use of your product over time results in mechanical or electrical failure.

Customer focused support
Extend is always happy to help, and available 24/7.

Customer experience is their north star

  1. Shop with their partners by adding a protection plan while shopping. No receipts or paperwork needed.

  2. File a claim - 95% of claims get approved in 90 seconds or less! To file a claim, simply message their virtual claims specialist, Kaley, or get help from a customer support representative.

  3. Enjoy your product! Send in your damaged product using their free shipping label, then we’ll get your replacement sent or your repair scheduled so you can go back to using your product in no time!