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Ultimate Ears Pro embarked on its digital production journey blending its artisan-crafted techniques with digital processes, such as digitally detailing physical ear impressions and using 3D printing to build the shell of the custom in-ear monitor, ultimately resulting in a streamlined, quicker and more satisfying customer experience.

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Digital Journey

Get your impressions and customize your in-ear monitor.

Bananas at Large uses digital ear scanners – the UE 3D Ear Scanner – to take digital ear impressions, instead of the silicon ear impressions that are traditionally taken by an audiologist. With digital ear scanners in hand, retailers and partners across the world can take accurate impressions of people’s inner- ears in less than five minutes, dramatically increasing the accessibility of custom in-ear monitors. After the scan is complete, the digital file is sent to UE Pro in Irvine, California to begin production. Five to seven business days later, a new pair of UE Pro custom in-ear monitors can be shipped to the customer, anywhere in the world.

3D Ear Scanners

The 3D Ear Scanners is the only scanner on the market that can scan the inside and the outside of an ear with the level of precision required to make a custom In-ear monitor. It was originally developed for military and aerospace purposes, and the technology was carried over to the hearing aid industry. From there, we adopted it to help musicians, audiophiles and many other people get easier access to custom fitted In-ear devices.

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