Where Can I Buy a Guitar Near Me?

It doesn't matter if you're buying your very first guitar or one more to add to your collection — Bananas at Large® is the place to go.

Your Community Music Store

Black Electric guitarAt Bananas at Large®, we care about helping you find the perfect instrument and any accessories and equipment you may need. In the past, the music store was a place to hang out, meet other musicians, try out some of the instruments and get to know people in the community. We feel that a lot of music stores have lost their community aspect by focusing too much on selling as much as they can. When you come into Bananas to buy a new guitar, you won't just walk out the door with your new instrument. Our stores offer a place for you to talk to industry experts about the best instruments, equipment and recommendations for new music to play — and much more.

The music industry is dynamic and ever-changing. When you visit Bananas, you'll feel a sense of community while also seeing a music store that aims to change as the industry does. While we try to adapt to changes happening in the music industry, we remain a local music store you'll love to visit. We offer a wide selection of stringed and other instruments, equipment and accessories, including:

We carry all the brands you know and love. Bananas at Large® has been in business since 1974, giving us the knowledge and experience to provide every customer with the best recommendations. When you're in the market for a new guitar, Bananas is the perfect place to go. Finding the right guitar is key — you don't want to be using an instrument that isn't the right fit for your skill level or playing lifestyle. We will work with you to learn more about your skills, where you play and how you play. While you can browse our catalog of new and used guitars online, there's an advantage to visiting us in person. Bananas is like a family — we want to find each of our guitars the perfect home. You can visit either of Bananas' two locations in California to talk to the experts directly to find your next guitar.

Two Convenient California Locations

Red Electric GuitarWhen you're shopping for a new guitar, you've probably gone online to read about certain brands, models and types of guitars to find the right one. While you'll find a lot of information online, it can get overwhelming with the number of options available. Visit Bananas at either of our two California locations to talk to an expert. When you do, you'll walk out feeling confident you made a great decision about your new guitar. You can find us at either of these convenient locations:

The biggest advantage of visiting us in-store is that you can talk to an expert and look more closely at the item you're considering buying. If you're looking to buy a guitar, you'll feel more confident about your decision if you make it in person. When you go guitar shopping at one of our locations, you can speak with a member of our team who can answer all your questions and recommend any other accessories and other items you may need. You can try out various guitars to see which one is the best fit. Every guitar is a little bit different, so it's best to have it in your hands before making a decision. You may see a guitar online that you love, but when you see it in person, you're not as impressed. When you're making a big decision of which guitar to get, you want to make sure you pick the right one.

Bananas at Large® serves the larger San Fransisco, California, area as one of the best local guitar stores. Come to visit us in-store today for all your guitar needs.

Going Beyond Selling Instruments and Equipment

Visiting Bananas at Large®, you become a part of our community. Enjoy everything the Bananas community has to offer. Besides having a wide selection of quality products, Bananas tries going above and beyond being a regular music retailer. We regularly host workshops and clinics to promote and help local musicians. There are lots of musicians in the Bay Area who rely on music to support not only themselves but their families, as well. All of us at Bananas at Large® recognize the importance of music in our community. Because of this importance, we try to support local musicians and nonprofits in as many ways as we can. Every year, Bananas donates more than $100,000 to local music organizations and nonprofits. We support the following programs:

  • Little Kids Rock
  • Music in Schools Today
  • Supportmusic.com
  • Young Performers International
  • Bread & Roses
  • Blue Bear School of Music
  • Women's Audio Mission

Along with supporting these organizations, our leader, Alan Rosen, advocates and lobbies for music and arts at both the national and state level. Every year, he travels to Washington, D.C., and Sacramento to stress the importance of keeping music in schools as part of the core curriculum. This way, our kids will have the opportunity to continue developing a love of music at a young age. Bananas at Large® wants to provide high-quality products to the Bay Area while also supporting the local community. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today.