ADA Reissue Final Phase True Bypass


Final Phase


FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

A/DA Reissue Final Phase
With this Reissue you can get a more modern heavier distortion by turning the OVERDRIVE knob past 12 o'clock. It gets downright scary and can boost the bottom with a 3-dimensional motion that moves your harmonics and overtones around the room. The Reissue Final Phase touts the same features as the Original 1979 version and are functionally and sonically the same: SWEEP RATE SWEEP MODULATION (A/DA original) versatile RANGE CONTROL to position your sweep center and high-Q filters that can be made resonant with the INTENSITY control. (Techies: the Final Phase filters have a Q of 1 as compared to the industry's standard Q of ¬O. This means more coloration and depth to the sound.)


  • The Reissue has true “hardwire” bypass and the originals did not.
  • The Reissue Overdrive (distortion) has been re-voiced to get a more modern sounding distortion while keeping the original distortion tone and feel by backing off the new Overdrive Control. In effect we have added an “11” to the Overdrive. As you approach the maximum setting the bass resonance increases and the highs become more complex.
  • The printed circuit board (PCB) has a different layout but is all through-hole design using full-size carbon film resistors and precision polyester film capacitors for the highest quality signal path. There are no surface mount components in your Reissue Final Phase.