Amzel Cheshire Cat Tone Evaporator Pedal



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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

The Cheshire Cat puts you in charge of your distortion sound like never before. This is not a conventional distortion fuzz or overdrive pedal. The patent-pending all-analog design allows a wide range of innovative adjustments. Get more out of your guitar! You can use the high-quality filter to adjust the frequency and resonance characteristics of the distortion — while preserving the character of your original tone. Fine-tune the attack and sustain response with the unique Accent knob. Go mad or stay cool with the Injection level. There's also a coventional distortion control and a handy volume/boost knob that comes with a little extra kick should you need it. For every application the Cheshire Cat is a versatile and professional musical accessory that puts artistic sound control where it belongs: in the hands of the creative musician.