Antares 143586 Choir Evo Vocal Multiplier Plug-In [Download]




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

It's hard to classify a plug-in like Antares CHOIR Evo - it's not quite a harmonizer nor is it a typical chorus effect either. At its core CHOIR Evo is a unison generator that's optimized for vocals. You can use it to turn a single voice into 4 8 16 or 32 remarkably distinct separate voices. Spread these out across the stereo field to create an awesome 3D effect or keep it tight and a create incredible vocal density. Another great use for CHOIR Evo is to turn a one or more backing vocal tracks into a full set of backup singers. No matter how you use Antares CHOIR Evo you'll be impressed by the results!


  • Turn a single vocal track into 4 8 16 or 32 separate unison voices
  • Control the stereo spread of the unison voices
  • Vibrato and Pitch variation controls provide great control over voice characteristics
  • RTAS AU and VST format
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems


  • OS Requirements - MacMac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • OS Requirements - PCWindows XP or later