Antares 143590 Warm Tube Saturation Plug-In [Download]




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Give your tracks a touch of analog vibe with Warm the tube-saturation plug-in from Antares. Based on Antares's famous analog tube-modeling technology Warm is an incredibly processor-efficient plug-in. You'll be able to use it on practically every track in your project without making your CPU meter even flinch. More importantly though Warm sounds great. There's a variable Drive control that helps you set just the perfect amount of dynamic saturation. There's even an OmniTube function that applies the tube effect to the complete signal (versus just the transients). Go ahead and Warm up your tracks Antares-style - and at great value too!


  • Tube-saturation plug-in
  • Based on Antares's analog tube-modeling technology
  • Two tube models and a variable Drive control
  • OmniTube function applies the effect to the complete signal


Processor-efficient plug-in for Mac and PC - RTAS AU VST