Arturia Piano V License Software Physical Modeling Piano [Download]





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Arturia Piano V License Software Physical Modeling Piano

The Piano V delivers, not one but nine different world-class pianos that they've meticulously crafted using their critically acclaimed modeling technology. Because they're models, you not only get a wide range of true pianos, Arturias been able to give you controls over different components and characteristics that have never been accessible before. You can play pianos that are the pinnacle of realism or get as radical as you want with unconventional sounds. The versatile Piano V is an indispensable foundational instrument for any keyboardist, writer or producer in any style of music.

The Piano V let’s you shape more than just the instrument. You can also change the room and recording setup to dramatically refine both spatial and timbral qualities to your taste. A given piano can sound very different depending on its environment, miking and processing. That’s why they’ve factored all those elements into the Piano V models as well. With the simple click of the mouse, you can move any piano into a different type of room, select various mic positions, and shape the tonality with built-in EQ. Whether you stick with presets or explore deeper environmental options, Piano V lets you easily get just the spacious qualities you’re looking for—no engineering degree required.


  • Advanced physical modeling engine (no static samples)
  • 9 different piano models to choose from: Concert Grand, Intimate Grand, Pop Grand, Jazz Upright, Piano-bar Upright, Pop Upright, Classical Upright, Glass Grand, Metal Grand
  • Customizable Action settings: Global string tension (tuning), Unison detuning, Stretch tuning, Dynamic range, Hammer hardness, Hammer position
  • Velocity Curve editor to match your keyboard action
  • Customizable Mechanical noises: Pedal noise, Key noise, Hammer noise
  • Machanics: Lid position, Soundboard resonance
  • Multiple microphone positions
  • Microphone Mixer
  • Convolution Room simulator with 14 room types
  • Output parametric EQ
  • 35 factory presets
  • Easy to use MIDI mapping