Avid Audio Plug-in Tier 1 Activation [Download]

by Avid
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Avid Audio Plug-in Tier 1 Activation

Want to smooth, improve, shape, warm up, beef up, dirty up, and enhance your mixes? Expand your creative palette and get the sounds you want with these professional Avid audio plug-ins.


  • Pro Compressor: Shapes sounds, enhances tracks, and breathe life into mixes with this "SMART" compressor.
  • Pro Expander: Give your mix more energy while controlling unwanted signals with this unique high-quality expander.
  • Tel-Ray Variable Delay: Create lush echo and incredible warmth with this re-creation of the vintage oil can delay.
  • Voce Bundle: Re-Create the sounds of a rotating speaker and the B-3 organ's mechanical scanner vibrato.

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