Behringer CT100 Swizz Army Style Cable Tester



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Behringer CT100 Swizz Army Style Cable Tester

Make sure every cable in your arsenal is in good working order with the invaluable CABLE TESTER CT100. This incredibly portable audio solution is a must-have for sound engineers and musicians alike. The CT100 accepts every type of cable you might use in a recording or live performance situation: XLR mono and TRS phone (1/4 1/8 TT) RCA and even MIDI. Choose from 3 modes: Cable Test installed Cable Tester or Tone. The CT100 can check for continuity intermittency the presence of phantom power and grounded shields. Because this handy tool runs on two AA batteries you can carry it in your pocket or clip it onto your belt – and be ready to troubleshoot at a moment's notice. Professional 6-in-1 Cable Tester Microprocessor-controlled cable tester featuring 3 modes: cable and installed cable test plus test tone mode Accepts all standard connectors: XLR TRS (1/4 1/8 TT) RCA and MIDI Super-easy operation with intuitive LED display Continuity check and intermittent contact detection Phantom-power and ground-shield check Test-tone generator: 1 kHz or 440 Hz at +4 dBu -10 dBV or -50 dBV