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Best Service Ethno World 5 Professional Instruments and Voices

Ethno World 5 Professional Instrunments & Voices contains more than 240 professionally recorded ethnic instruments and more than 18.000 high quality samples in the following categories: Bowed Instruments, Stringed Instruments, Woodwind & Brass, Key Instruments, Bell Type Instruments, Metal Type Instruments, World Drums, World Percussion, Gongs & Bowls and the new category of Voices & Choirs.

Ethno World 5 Professional Instruments & Voices contains the entire library, Ethno World 4 Professional and an additional 10 GB with about 5.500 new samples. Thereby Ethno World 5 Professional Instruments & Voices with its 20 GB content (uncompressed) and more than 800 patches is one of the largest ethnic sample libraries in the world.

The latest addition to Ethno World 5 Professional Instruments & Voices are 25 professionally recorded solo-voices from all over the world and an Ethnic Chamber Choir with over 3.800 new samples and phrases. You will find voices from North America, Cameroon, Guinea, China, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, North Afrika and Peru.

With the highly improved Legato-Mode in combination with several voice-articulations you now have the possibility to record realistic vocal lines.

Another highlight for all film composers are the new Taiko Drums and Big Ethnic Tom Drums, consisting of individual samples (left and right hand) and hundreds of inspiring loops. In the category woodwinds you will find the famous Ney flute (Iran), the Pivana & Tenor Pivana flute (Corsica), the very meticulously recorded pan flute and human whistling. The category Metal Type Instruments there is an all new large selection of Hi-End Crash, Splash, Ride & China Cymbals with Hits, Swells and Loops, the Big Feng Gong and fine glistening Windchimes. The string instruments category has been updated with a Bandura from the Ukraine.


  • Bell type instruments
  • Bowed Instruments
  • Construction Sets
  • Gongs and Bowls
  • Keyed Instruments
  • Metal Type Instruments
  • Stringed Instruments
  • Woodwinds and Brass
  • World Drums
  • World percussion
  • Voices and Choirs


  • NI Kontakt Player 4 included in this product
  • PC
    • Windows XP (SP2 )/ Vista/ Win7 (32/64 Bit)
    • Pentium or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, min. 2 GB RAM
  • Mac
    • OSX 10.5 / 10.6
    • Intel (!!!) Core Duo 1.66 GHz, min. 2 GB RAM
  • For all
    • 1GB free disc space for player installation
    • additional hard disc space according to the library size
    • internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)
    • DVD drive