Blackstar ID Core BEAM Multi-Instrument Amplifier with Bluetooth





FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Let us ask you… do you play electric guitar? Got a great portable amp for you!. Do you play acoustic guitar? Got a great portable amp for you. How about bass.. play that? Got a great portable amp for you too. Need a full range portable stereo amp with built in effects blue tooth capability and stereo input? Got a great portable amp for you. The good news? Its all the same amp. Meet the Blackstar ID Core Beam. 20 Watts of full range stereo imaging for Electric Guitar Bass or acoustic full range stereo in killer built in effects and stream your blue tooth music over wirelessly. Blackstar are proud to introduce the new ID:Core BEAM. Based on the control set of the critically acclaimed and best-selling ID:Core series of guitar amps the ID:Core BEAM takes incredible guitar tone into the home and becomes the central hub for instruments and stunning music playback. The ID:Core BEAM is the first Blackstar product with Bluetooth functionality allowing you to stream your music to the amplifier. The hi-fi quality playback of your MP3s through the ID:Core BEAM will redefine what you can expect from a multifunctional product and with Super Wide Stereo the sound will fill the room. With two bass six electric guitar two acoustic and two acoustic simulator Voices and with a sealed and ported cabinet construction for optimum bass response and stereo definition the ID:Core BEAM is the ultimate musicians amp for the home. The retro-cool design means ID:Core BEAM will look at home in any room in the house.