Bosphorus EBC Series 21 in. Rough Ride Cymbal



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Bosphorus EBC Series 21 in. Rough Ride Cymbal
EBC Series consist from original and uniquely designed cymbals for today’s trending musical needs such as electronic techno and groovy music and offers a new solution with acoustic cymbals for many genres which usually filled up with electronic equipment. Also each cymbal of the line will be a strong alternative individually for the drummers who are seeking for new sounds for their drum sets. There are 3 different rides 2 crashes 1 china and a pair of hi-hats in the line and we believe each cymbal will be very attractive for many drummers all over the World.

Very unique dark dry and effective sound with short resonance. Full with fat middle frequencies. A little bit trashy when they hit the edge of the ride just like a crash cymbal. Ideal for playing Breakbeat Trip-Hop and fast tempo Jungle beats. There are four hammered big cove in a square shape on the middle part. It gives the little bit trashy and very short sound.