Convology Convology Surreal Spaces [Download]


Convology Surreal Spaces


FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Creating surreal textures and ambiances has never been easier then with the all new Surreal IR Library from Convology! Choked full of IRs that contain a hint of bells chimes human vox noises and utterances along with many other synthetic and well designed digital nuances meshed to give you a whole other world of sound and pallet to work from. This is truly one of a kind and nothing else can compare! Try playing a solo violin vocal piano or numerous other sound sources through these FX and you'll be amazed at not only the realism of some of the finest real space IRs ever recorded but combined with the surreal elements is simply breath taking. Your tracks will have that magical film quality touch that combine fabulous sounding real space IRs with mysterious spectral and palpable sounds from another place and time. These FX are designed to give you complete control with useability and sound textures that are not overdone or overbearing. All in 96/24 for the finest in sonic quality.
This library contains 77 Surreal Space IRs and compatible with:
  • Acoustic Mirror Altiverb 5 Altiverb 6
  • GigaPulse Magix Samplitude NI Kontakt 2 & 3
  • xProsoniq Rayverb Sir I & II
  • Voxengo Pristine Space Waves IR1 Wizoo
  • And a host of others...