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D16 Group




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

High-quality sound colorizer
Decimort recreates this colouration and adds the vintage sampler magic to any loop bass line or sound played through it. It also acts as the perfect bit crusher with filter. The Decimort effect unit is from the SilverLine collection of plugins. It is a premium grade bit crusher. The complex and advanced signal processing algorithms within Decimort simulate the behaviour of the whole sampling path which exists in every AD/DA converter.Decimort is also equipped with analog like filters with adjustable resonance that allow further sculpting of the signal. These can be used to smooth the sound or remove more of the sonic artefacts introduced into the signal path by the modelling process.

  • Ultra accurate resampling algorithm (ADC emulation no harmonics above 22kHz)
  • Anti-alias lowpass filter conjugated with resampler
  • Analog-like filters with adjustable resonance and cutoff
  • Two independent process paths in stereo mode with different parameters per each channel
  • Presets organised into groups
  • Midi learn function
  • 64bit internal processing
  • No harmonic distortions at output (unwanted)