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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Superb TR-606 emulation. Nithonat is a fully synthesized drum machine based on the classic 606. The unique sound of this machine has been used by many artists over the years in the production of Electro Hip-Hop and R n B.
On the original 606 the only editable sound parameter was volume. D16 have added to the original a1nd as a result Nithonat is equipped with extra controls which allow each sound to be shaped in ways which were not possible in the original machine. 
We believe that we have created a powerful drum machine at an affordable price which is quick to program and very easy to use.
  • fully synthesized drum sounds
  • additional parameters to get more control over the sound
  • many ways of controlling the device:
    -external mode (notes triggering the sounds)
    -internal sequencer (pattern mode)
  • mutes/solos for each instrument (affect triggering not just the signal)
  • dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs
  • drum kits organised into groups
  • Midi learn function
  • 64bit internal processing