Dunlop BG95 Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Dunlop BG95 Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal
Cited as a major influence by wah-wah masters such as Hendrix Clapton and Vaughn—Buddy Guy helped establish the wah-wah as part of the blues vocabulary. To honor his contributions we have created the Cry Baby Buddy Guy Signature Wah featuring the Fasel Inductor for a sweet and singing top end and two distinct user selectable wah voices—choose DEEP for a big and throaty growl or BG for Buddy's own warm and bell-like wah tone. Convenient side-mounted LEDs indicate which mode you are in while a separate LED indicates effect on/off. Let your guitar sing the blues in style with the Buddy-approved polka dot graphics and custom signature tread. The Cry Baby Buddy Guy Signature Wah—available only from Dunlop Manufacturing the world's leader in wah pedal technology..

Power: Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter or Single 9 volt battery

  • Two distinct user selectable voices: Deep for big and throaty; BG for Buddy's bell-like tone
  • Features the Fasel Inductor for sweet top end