Earthquaker Tentacle Analog Octave Up Pedal

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The Tentacle is a classic analog octave up effect. It is the very same octave from the beloved Hoof Reaper pedal. Eartquaker got so many requests to make this a stand-alone unit that they just had to make it a reality.

You can now add an excellent swelling octave up to anything your heart desires! Pair it with your favorite fuzz strap on a headband and unleash your inner Jammy Hendrix. Put it in front of another octave up and blow your amp's mind. Throw it in the effects loop of a delay and marvel at what happens. What’s better? It has no controls! Nothing to worry about at all here just hit the switch and go for it. The

Tentacle is an analog octave up the effect will become much more pronounced when using your neck pickup and playing above the 12th fret.