Eisenberg Vier + Einklang Extended [Download]



"FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.?

VIER emulates four units of the Doepfer MS-404 a famous German monophonic analogue synthesizer from the nineties. Even today the MS-404 has a large fan base and is not only known to insiders. Since the original MS-404 was monophonic being able to play four units polyphonic at the same time VIER fulfills a childhood dream for many musicians. The software uses up-to-date technologies for its synthesis engine like anti-aliasing oscillators which are capable of audio range modulation and zero delay feedback filters best known from synthesizers like LuSH Monark or Diva.

VIER offers a wide range of options for parameter linking and cross modulation. All parameters may freely be grouped and linked with each other. An intelligent voice management dynamically assigns pressed keys and played notes to the different units. Both features enable sound opportunities that go far beyond the plain emulation of a vintage synthesizer or just the sum of four parts.

The parameter linking allows building groups which can be manipulated and modulated by macro parameters together. This offers a fast access to the most important sound properties and allows operating the four units as one monolithic piece. The intelligent voice management offers different creative play modes which especially allow an automatic assignment of each note in a chord to the four different units. Each of the units themselves can of course be operated with unlimited polyphony.

EISENBERG Einklang Extended
EINKLANG is a synthesizer following a complete new paradigm of sound generation. Instead of synthesizing sounds like traditional synthesizers according to a set of technical parameters (i.e. amplitudes frequencies spectra...) EINKLANG re-synthesizes sounds using instrument models. These instrument models can not only be tweaked directly in their musical parameters (i.e. loudness pitch timbre...) but also be morphed from one tone color to another. These key features allow the user to think in plain sounds rather than mathematical equations and to control EINKLANG with few but very powerful musical parameters. The instrument models are based on Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology (AIST)that allows synthesizers to understand the structures of sounds and remember specific nuances of different instruments. So the musician can concentrate on musical aspects while the synthesizer does all of the underlying technical processing.


  • Oscillator parameters: Glide Tune Pulsewidth amount (square saw and noise PWM)
  • Filter parameters: Frequency Envelope (mod amount) Emphasis
  • Envelope parameters: 'Accent' ADSR
  • Drive control for each voice
Contains 510 tone colors for morphing consisting of:
  • 150 basic tone colors with sounds ranging from acoustic to synthetic
  • 120 synth/lead tone colors
  • 120 acoustic/live tone colors
  • 120 drone/pad tone colors.


  • Runs on Mac OS (10.7 Lion or later)
  • Runs on Windows (7 or later) Native support for 32bit and 64bit
  • Runs as Stand-Alone or VST AU RTAS AAX